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The construction industry has the primary role in reducing waste going into landfill. This page shows how the Australian Construction Industry copes with the issue of C&D waste by showcasing the construction firms' initiatives, strategies and activities aiming to reduce waste, and use recycled products. 


Mirvac is an Australian property group with operations fully across the property investment, development, and retail services landscape. Mirvac has shared its plan on how it expects to send zero waste to landfill by 2030, in line with the commitments it set out under its sustainability strategy, This Changes Everything. The plan, Planet Positive: Waste & Materials, sees Mirvac move away from the traditional ‘take, make, use and dispose’ model to one which considers the lifecycle of the materials from the outset, and implements strategies to help avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and regenerate.

Documents: Planet Positive: Waste & Materials Our plan for zero waste by 2030


Sarah Clarke: Mirvac’s Group General Manager, Sustainability



Stockland Corporation Limited is a diversified Australian property development company. It has business in  shopping centres, housing estates, industrial estates and retirement villages. Stockland waste management approach: Waste treatment and disposal can have a major impact on the surrounding environment. Examples include nutrient pollution of groundwater and waterways, air quality issues from incineration, and greenhouse gas emissions from landfills. We take these impacts very seriously and are committed to managing our waste efficiently. We take these impacts very seriously and are committed to managing our waste efficiently. We seek to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste whenever feasible, minimising our contribution to landfill. By specifying the use of ecologically and health preferable materials and recycled materials in our developments, we are able to deliver tangible environmental, social and business benefits.

Key achievements: Achieve 45% waste diversion from landfill for Commercial Property operations, 85% waste diversion from landfill for Retail Town Centre development waste, and 60% waste diversion from landfill for Communities development waste.

Documents: Our Management Approach to Waste and Materials

                      Waste and Materials- FY2019





Multiplex is an international construction contractor founded in Australia and currently headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Multiplex teams, working together with our partners and clients, creating net positive impacts for people, communities and the environment from every project we take on.

Key achievements: 200 k diverted from landfills 

Documents: Multiplex Positive Impact 2018 




Sustainability is at the core of what we do and how we operate—focusing on the environmental, social and governance impact of our business. Through our projects and our operations, we have both a significant opportunity and a responsibility to protect, enhance and restore the world’s natural and social systems. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond meeting clients’ requirements and complying with regulations at the local, state, provincial or national levels.

Whether we’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions, developing new ways to conserve water or promoting renewable energy, our commitment to sustainability drives innovation, resilience, risk reduction and provides attractive project life cycle returns on investment.




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