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 Industry & Research in Queensland

In this page the information about industry and research activities in Queensland is provided. Furthermore, the page enlists multiple industry associations and groups who are involved in C&D waste management across the state. 

*Do you know any other initiatives? please share with us so that we can inform others (contact us)  

Industry associations

What is new

C&D waste calculator: 

The state has developed a toolkit (see here) to calculate waste generation in a construction project. The toolkit also estimates the levy charged to dispose of the generated waste. The Waste and Recycling Calculator enables

  • pre-construction project teams to develop a waste estimate for the construction phase of the project and therefore plan for waste volumes generated and identify re-use and recycling opportunities

  • creation of the mandated format for construction project waste reporting, and

  • construction and maintenance projects to capture actual waste quantities generated, re-used, recycled and landfilled.



The WASTE NOTes Bulletin (click here) provides a snapshot of the latest waste and recycling policy and initiatives in Queensland. Whether it's changes in Queensland waste and recycling laws, an innovative community project, or information about the impacts of waste on our environment, WASTE NOTes will keep you up to date.

Circular Economy Lab

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