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Industry & Research in South Australia

​This page provides information about the industry and research activities on C&D waste management in South Australia


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What is new

Pre-recycle: A circular economy based business model: 

Pre-cycle is an initiative that kicked off in SA since 2016[1]. The aim of this initiative is to help builders remove C&D waste materials from construction sites. The initiative instructs a 6-stage process during construction; Precycle sorts recyclable materials at their source before removing to be recycled and contribute to a circular economy in the construction industry. The operating company, premier insulation, recycles and repurposes the offcuts from new home construction sites, saving construction companies waste removal bills and keeping unused building materials from ending up in a landfill. 80% of what is collected from construction sites get used[2], the calculations of benefits of this initiative shows that in a typical house construction builders would only use one-sixths of bins and pay one-third of waste management expenses compared to conventional waste management practices. The initiative is also able to divert 30m3 of waste that would have been otherwise landfilled. A report by Green Industries SA29 showed that this business model could increase landfill diversion 76% up from 10% seen in the business-as-usual approach.



More information on this initiative can be found below : 

Precycle- Precyle call-up guidelines [3] 

Green Industries SA- Premier Insulation - Precycle [4]


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Circular Economy in Action in SA 

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