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Research Team


Professor Tayyab Maqsood
Research Group Leader
RMIT University
Prof. Tayyab Maqsood has been involved in research related to C&D waste management for over 10 years. His research explores the issues of C&D waste from a regulatory perspective as well as a technical, economic, and financial perspective. He is leading the C&D waste management research group at RMIT and is the founder of Australia's first National Construction and Demolition Waste Research and Industry Portal. He is a strong proponent of the Circular economy or cradle-to-cradle approach. He is also an Associate Dean at RMIT.

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Dr Salman Shooshtarian
RMIT University
Dr Salman Shooshtarian holds a PhD in the Built Environment. He is a lecturer and an active researcher in the fields of sustainability, environment, construction health and safety and urban ecosystems.  He has experience in designing and performing empirical research projects (quantitative and qualitative) and has established collaboration with different research teams in several research projects. Salman is currently a member of the WMRAA's Victoria Waste Educator working group. 


Professor Tim Ryley 
Griffith University
Tim Ryley is Professor of Aviation, and currently Head of Griffith Aviation within the School of Engineering & Built Environment, at Griffith University. His research expertise principally covers air transportation and environmental issues, but he has led a series of inter-disciplinary transport and engineering-based projects, including topics of demand-responsive transport and construction waste. Prof. Ryley has led or co-led research projects totalling over $5 million, typically funded by Research Councils or industry.


Dr Savindi Caldera
University of the Sunshine Coast
As a sustainability researcher, Savindi investigates cleaner production and circular economy opportunities that position sustainability in organisational processes to drive innovation, engagement and resilienceAs a Research Fellow at the Cities Research Institute, Griffith University Savindi worked with key academic partners, industry partners and government authorities, securing research funding of $2+ million. She is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.


Professor Peter SP Wong
RMIT University
Professor Wong is the Associate Dean of the School of PCPM. As at 2018 he has more than 80 publications and was awarded over AUD$1.5 Million research grants. He is a chartered construction manager and a chartered quantity surveyor with solid industry experience. His knowledge and experience particularly in organisational and operational management in construction will provide a fundamental basis for the effective operation of this activity.

Associate Professor Atiq Zaman
Curtin University 
A/Professor Atiq Zaman is currently working at Curtin University, Western Australia. He is also a researcher at the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP) and actively advocates for zero waste and circular economy solutions. He is one of the founding co-directors of the Global South Nexus research cluster at DBE and has been working as the Curtin Node Leader for the Sustainable Community and Waste Hub.


Associate Professor Rebecca J. Yang
RMIT University
A/Professor Rebecca Yang is a scholar of building, construction and social practice who undertakes pure and applied research that can provide innovative solutions to the industry by integrating theories with cutting-edge technologies. Her expertise in stakeholder analysis and life cycle assessment is central to the successful delivery of this activity’s objective.


Mrs Ana María Cáceres Ruiz
Curtin University
Ana María is an innovative and diligent Chemical Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Science from Curtin University. Endorsed by Engineers Australia, she is passionate about finding sustainable solutions to address waste challenges. Ana María has made notable contributions through her research and publications, including works on recycling plastics in Western Australia and Circular Economy Design Guidelines for the Australian Built Environment Sector. 

High Degree by Research Students 

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Mr Moein Behzad 
RMIT University
Moein is an HDR at the School of Property, Construction and Project Management (RMIT University). He also holds a Master's in Urban Planning and a bachelor's in Urban and Regional Planning. His PhD topic is on the investigation of public opposition to the establishment of C&D waste recovery plants in Australia.  

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