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Industry & Research in Victoria 

This page provides information about the latest industry and research activities in Victoria. 

*Do you know any other initiatives? please share with us so that we can inform others (contact us)  

What is new

Sustainability Victoria (Buy Recycled) 

In 2020 Sustainability Victoria is launching an online directory (Buy Recycled) that will feature local, Victorian products containing recycled content. The directory will help the Victoria government source recycled materials. It will be used by state and local government procurers and buyers to help them easily research, review and access recycled content products. The five requirements for suppliers are: 

  • Products must have some amount of recycled content.

  • Recycled content use must be greater than 0%, but otherwise there is no minimum recycled content requirement.

  • Be certified against any claims made. For example, a third-party Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

  • Meet all legislative and regulatory requirements.

  • Meet obligations regarding environmental claims under the ACCC Competition and Consumer Act 2010

  • Any claims must meet the ACCC Green marketing and the Australian Consumer Law guidelines

Circular Economy Victoria  

Shifting Victoria to a Circular Economy 

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