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Research and data portals play an important role in policy development, management, and research of C&D waste materials. Below is a list of relevant data portals:

EPiC database- Environmental Performance Construction


The EPiC Database will be an invaluable resource for anyone involved in the planning, design, construction, operation or management of our buildings and cities. It provides decision-makers with critical information needed to understand, predict and improve the environmental performance of building and engineering projects.



Book (download here)  

Online database (Visit here


Waste Data Portal- Sustainability Victoria 


Sustainability Victoria's Waste Data Service collects and stores waste and recycling data from a number of sources and regularly produces statewide waste, recycling and litter data reports. The service aims to strengthen and standardise existing waste and resource recovery data in Victoria, introduce new data as necessary and improve collection and sharing of data in Victoria between state and local governments and industry.


Webpage: click here 



New South Wales Waste and Resource Reporting Portal (WARRP)- EPA NSW 

WARRP is an online reporting tool designed to facilitate the submission of the Waste Contribution Monthly Report (WCMR). Under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act), all licence holders of levy liable waste facilities (ie. landfills, waste recycling facilities, waste storage, and waste transfer facilities) must submit the following reports to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA)

Webpage: click here

User guide: click here


 Waste Data Portal- Waste Authority  

This portal collect and provides data on waste generation, landfill and resource recovery in Western Australia. The portal was created in partnership between Waste Authority and the state Government of Western Australia. 


Webpage: click here 

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